Sunday 6th October 2024 – Tauranga

Tickets released soon…

The #makermovement

Makers from Aotearoa New Zealand will have an event dedicated to them to showcase a movement that is celebrated around the world.

Promoting Innovation

By bringing together diverse minds and talents, MakerFest will excite and engage the next generation to become Aotearoa’s future problem solvers and workforce.

Fostering Creativity

In today’s rapidly evolving world, creativity is a valuable skill that drives problem-solving and innovation. MakerFest encourages participants to explore creativity through hands-on activities.

Meet our sponsors

MakerFest is a community driven kaupapa and relies on sponsorship, funding, and support by the leading STEM organisations in the Bay of Plenty and across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Sponsorship now available!

  • Take part in a brand new first of its kind event in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Help to inspire and create the next generation of talent that could be part of our future workforce
  • Showcase who you are and what you do to ~3,000 people at the main MakerFest day